20th September 10:30pm (GMT-5)

Independiente Medellin - Caracas 16.09.2020

Independiente Medellin wins 1st half in 51% of their matches, Caracas FC in 42% of their matches.

Independiente Medellin wins 51% of halftimes, Caracas FC wins 42%.

Both teams lost their last match.

Both teams haven't won their last match in Cúp C1 Nam Mỹ.

Independiente Medellin's performance of the last 5 matches is better than Caracas FC's.

Independiente Medellin scores 2 goals when playing at home and Caracas FC scores 1.07 goals when playing away (on average).

When Independiente Medellin leads 1-0 at home, they win in 90% of their matches.

When Caracas FC leads 0-1 away, they win in 77% of their matches.

When Independiente Medellin is down 0-1 home, they win 25% of their matches.

When Caracas FC is down 1-0 away, they win 0% of their matches.

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